What We Do

Our team is focused on building strategies and developing content to help you reach target markets and meet short and long term revenue goals. We help firms like yours identify all the little details needed in developing your brand. From visual identity to strategies, structure and culture. Together we’ll bring the best out of your business.

Content Production & Management.

Your brand thrives on content, and that’s our forte! Our services include developing videos & photos, infographics, flyers, and new ideas that will put life into your brand. Once your content is ready, we’ll be here to market it through the most suitable and relevant channels. We have a strategic approach to make sure your content goes straight to your target audience through digital advertising and more. We’ll help attract and retain your audience and turn those views into profitable customer action for your business.

Social Media Management

Need help managing your social media accounts? Well we can either train a staff member from your end, or have our team of social media experts handle it. We’ll keep your followers constantly engaged and turn them into returning customers.


TIC Ghana is with you from get-go. From producing the content you would like to advertise to reaching your target market. We’re also well experienced in buying media placements for your ads. On TV, in publications, on the radio, digital signage, online via google/youtube ads or on websites. Finally we are one of the Ghana’s most-established and respected creators, writers and producers of radio advertising jingles, sonic brand identities and audio soundtracks. .

Event Management

From planning and strategising your concept down to the actual execution of the event, we’re there every step of the way. We’ve got a solid network of event service providers to maker sure your event is smooth. From logistics, to booking the best MC’s, artist talents, caterers and more. We’ve got you..

Project Management.

It’s one thing to have a great idea, but a whole different ball game in making it reality. That’s where we come in. Bringing your ideas to life is our forte! We’ll work hand-in-hand with your team every step of the way to make sure your project is visible, sustainable and profitable.


Building mutually beneficial relations is key to your brands growth and expansion; and we’re very strategic when it comes to that. We work hand in hand with the media, your immediate community, public institutions and your customers to project the best out of your brand. Our PR services cover copywriting, media relations, campaign roll-outs, press-events and more. With media relations, our network covers Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda and Southern Africa.

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