At the heart of our passion is the call to serve others by giving back.

We do this by volunteering our talents and expertise with Ahaban - The Green Leaf Foundation. TIC Ghana manages all their charity projects, volunteer network and partner/donor system.

About Ahaban GLF

Ahaban is a registered NGO based in Accra-Ghana. We’re a humanitarian organization, built on a growing network of volunteers & donors. Together we work to improve education & healthcare in communities across Ghana with a long term goal of impacting Africa at large. Their charity projects include

  • The Ahaban Mobile Shelter Program - Feed and clothe the homeless
  • The Ahaban Green Camps - Mentorship & Vocational Training
  • Ahaban Workshop Series - Youth based Career & Entrepreneurial Support

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Our Role

Our staff volunteer their time and skills before, during and after each charity project. We stand with Ahaban in the belief that there is growth for all in the act of giving.

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